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Who's In Bed With the Butler?

by Michael Parker

Premier: 07/18/2009
End: 08/15/2009
Season: 29

Who's In Bed With the Butler?
Clark, SamanthaCastAgnes
Compton, LeonDirector 
Ellis, BobetteCastJosephine Sykes
Ellis, BobetteCastRenee Lafleur
Ellis, BobetteCastMarjorie Merivale
Kupsky, DanCastClifton
Kupsky, DanStaffSet Construction
Kupsky, JudyCastThe Arm
Longee, MichelleCastSusie Legere
McClure, SharonStaffProps
Overbay, KayCrewStage Manager
Overbay, NormAssistant Director 
Overbay, NormStaffSet Construction
Parks, MaryCrewTech Booth
Parks, MaryCrewStage Crew
Piette, RussellCastWilliam Davis Jr
Piette, RussellStaffSet Design
Piette, RussellStaffSet Construction
Piette, TamaraStaffCostumes
Prader, BethanyCrewStage Crew
Riggs, WadeStaffProgram Cover Design
Riggs, WadeStaffSound Effects
Robrahn, MarilynCrewStage Crew
Sampson, SeanCastRoy Vance
Sampson, SeanStaffSet Construction
Scott, JoanCastConstance Olden
Shoemaker, TracyStaffProps
Shoemaker, TracyCrewTech Booth
Taylor, KarenStaffSet Construction
Taylor, TomStaffSet Construction
Wells, MatthewStaffLight Design