The Minutes

By Tracy Letts

Directed by John Welsh

Sunday, July 7 at 6 pm

Monday, July 8 at 6 pm

At Riverfront Playhouse • 1950 California Street

From the playwright who brought you August, Osage County comes the wickedly funny and quirky dark comedy The Minutes. Set in the
closed-door chambers of the Big Cherry town council, you’ll watch this sometimes dysfunctional board take on political correctness,
ADA compliance, and missing bicycles, not to mention the annual Big Cherry Festival, whose celebration may be based on a lie.

Cast Breakdown

Mr. Peel, 25-35 — professional man, proud parent, newest member of the Board. Doesn’t set out to make waves but ends up doing so.
Mayor Superba, 40-60 — no nonsense, completely in control. Masterful in handling the diverse personalities. Able to conceal the Board’s true agenda.
Ms. Johnson, 25-35 — clerk, highly efficient. Knows more than she lets on.
Mr. Blake, 30-50, African American — script references his drinking. Easily manipulated, goes with the flow, prone to conspiracy theories.
Mr. Breeding, 50-65 — Country Club type, blowhard, loud, abrasive.
Mr. Hanratty, 30-50 — man of integrity and compassion. Goal is to make town’s fountain ADA compliant. Uphill battle.
Mr. Assalone, 50-65 — businessman, brother of police chief, Mayor’s right hand man. Enforcer.
Ms. Innes, 65-75 — oldest member of the Board, stuck in her ways. OCD perhaps.
Ms. Matz, 35-60 — pill popper, scatter-brained.
Mr. Oldfield, 65-75 — second oldest on the Board, prone to reminiscing, outspoken, irascible. Likes his munchies.
Mr. Carp, 35-50 — self-assured, determined. Will stand alone when the deck is stacked against him.
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