Sunday, August 28, and Monday, August 29
6 pm at Riverfront Playhouse.
The Fall of the House of Usher
A drama by Jack Neary
From the classic tale of Edgar Allan Poe
Directed by John Welsh
Casting 4 men and 3 women.
Show dates are October 20 - November 5.
Presenting 40 to 60. Hard-nosed Irish detective. On-stage throughout. A lot of opportunity for dry humor. Irish brogue detectable.
James Brookfield
Presenting 30 to 40. Successful New York novelist. A boyhood friend of the Ushers. The mystery of the Usher family is revealed through him.
Roderick Usher
Presenting 30 to 40. The mysterious owner of the Usher estate. Sickly but completely in charge. Arrogant, demanding, threatening but with an air of congeniality. Plays violin, but not a requirement for casting.
Madeline Usher
Presenting 30 to 40. Roderick’s twin sister. Pale, sickly, totally subservient to her brother.
Mature, age flexible. Saucy, impertinent maid, keeper of secrets. Irish brogue a must. Comic relief.
Dr. Tremblay
Presenting 50 to 70. Forced into the role of a family physician because of a tragic incident in the past. Full of regret. Must appear inebriated believably, not comically.
Presenting teenage. Mystery woman. Must be comfortable with mature subject matter.
No prepared monologues are required. Will cold read from the script.

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Poe’s classic tale is retold as a 1930s detective story. What begins for Brookfield as a pleasant distraction from the hubbub of New York turns into a maelstrom of horror when he discovers his friend Usher’s secret intent and realizes that the lives of everyone in the house are in terrible danger. Told as a series of lightning-paced flashbacks as tough-as-nails police detective Michael Shaughnessy questions Brookfield about what actually happened to cause the fire that destroyed the House of Usher, the play moves relentlessly to its terrifying, stunning conclusion.



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