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Riverfront Playhouse was created in 1981 by a few local theatre lovers with the vision of providing a community theatre for the Redding area. The first play at Riverfront Playhouse opened on July 10, 1981, at our current location at 1620 East Cypress Avenue. The following year we became a 501-c3 non-profit corporation. We are the region’s longest continually operating, all volunteer, community theatre.

Every phase of our operations is performed by volunteers from the Board of Directors to staff, set building crews, directors, stage hands and actors. The founders’ goal was to offer a place to encourage awareness, understanding, and appreciation of live theatre by providing a nurturing environment for acting, directing, and developing the various technical aspects of stagecraft.

Riverfront Playhouse provides a venue for children, outside of their school setting, to participate in live theatre and experience all aspects of theatre from set-building to production. Unlike a school play, students are able to work along-side veteran actors and experienced theatre directors. In addition, Riverfront has provided scholarships totaling $11,000 to 44 graduating high school seniors who intend to pursue a career in the performing arts.

Riverfront has also created the opportunity for other non-profit organizations to “buy out” the theatre for an evening or matinee performance at a discounted price then sell tickets at whatever price they choose to realize fundraising proceeds for their group. The profit these non-profits make goes directly to whatever cause the group wishes.

We have been in operation for over 30 years. Now we have a new vision and our theatre lovers are setting their sights on a brand new theatre at 1701 Pine Street at a prominent corner in the heart of Downtown Redding