THE RAINMAKER. A romantic comedy by N. Richard Nash. Directed by Erin Haney Stuart. July 28-August 12. The Rainmaker is a tale of love and a tale of hope, set in “a western state on a summer day in a time of drought.” Just as the Curry family is beginning to despair, Starbuck – a self-proclaimed “Rainmaker” – comes on the scene. He is full of dreams, passion, and self-confidence. Nash’s romantic comedy brings provincial America to life in a heartfelt domestic drama about the importance of self-belief. PREVIEW: Wednesday, July 26. $15 Tickets for preview<br> Friday/Saturday shows $25. Sunday matinee $20.

Premier: 07/28/2023
End: 08/13/2023
Season: 42

Haney Stuart, ErinDirector