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The Picture that was Turned to the Wall

Premier: 01/16/2004
End: 02/14/2004
Season: 24

Belton, MadelineCastDizzy Esther
Bias, GraceCrewStage Manager
Bisetti, BrianCrewSound Design
Cullis, JoeCrewMaster Carpenter
Goforth, BrookeCastMa Tubbs
Green, DennisCastPa Tubbs
Haley, GuyCastPreacher Cribbs
Hurley, LyleCastSmilin’ Billy Tapshoes - Soldier
Kelly, TimAuthor 
Levens, JenniferCrewCostumes
Levens, JenniferAssistant Director 
McDonald, MathewCastFred
Pate, HeatherCastIsadora Snapdragon
Patten, MissyCastJubilee
Peterson, SamanthaCastZenobia
Pollett, DeonCrewLight & Sound Technician
Potter, AngieDirector 
Robeson, PaulCrewProgram Cover Design
Rutherford, DavidCastRags
Rutherford, DavidCrewLight Design
Rutte, BoMeeCastDiamond-Tooth Polly
Schreiber, LindaCastMrs Pantheon
Vandevert, JamieCastRudolph Von Doberman
Wells, PiperCastMattie Busby
Wells, PiperCrewCostumes