Moment of Weakness

A comedy by Donald Churchill. Director TBD. Audrey and Tony are a middle-aged ex-couple meeting at their old weekend retreat to decide who gets what. Tony is eager to get this matter cleared up. He has re-married and his new wife, who is only eighteen but very mature for her years, is pregnant. She has come along for the ride, but she goes into labor and is rushed to the local hospital, where it transpires that the baby is not Tony’s! He is going to stand by Stella anyway, but what really unsettles him is finding out that Audrey is planning to get married again. He still loves her, you see, and she still loves him. The question, is will they ever admit this to each other...or themselves?

Premier: 07/26/2024
End: 08/11/2024
Season: 43

Moment of Weakness