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Premier: 09/12/2003
End: 10/11/2003
Season: 23

Collins, LisaCrewProps
Daugherty, SusanCastAnnie Wilks
Fork, SamanthaCrewStage Manager
Hill, JillCrewAssistant to the Director
Hill, JillCrewStage Manager
Hill, JillCrewStage Dressing
King, StephenAuthor 
Knapp, CannonCrewAssistant to the Director
Knapp, CannonCrewSound Technician
Moore, SimonStaffStage Adaptation
Piette, RussellDirector 
Piette, RussellStaffSet Design
Piette, RussellCastPaul Sheldon
Piette, RussellCrewSound Design
Piette, RussellCrewProgram Cover Design
Piette, RussellCrewStage Dressing
Piette, RussellCrewSet Construction
Piette, TamaraCrewCostume Design
Piette, TamaraCrewStage Crew
Piette, TamaraCrewStage Dressing
Rutherford, DavidCrewLight Design
Wells, MatthewCrewLight Technician
Wells, PiperCrewStage Crew