Laura was produced in association with the Tehema County Arts Council and was performed in Red Bluff before the show came to the Riverfront.

Premier: 03/08/1985
End: 03/30/1985
Season: 4
# Performances: 10

Almond, DaveCrewSound & Lights
Brown, MaryStaffAssociate Director
Brown, MaryStaffSet Design
Brown, MaryCrewCostumes
Brown, WarrenCastDanny Dorgan
Clogg, MitchDirector 
Clogg, MitchStaffSet Design
Clogg, MitchCrewLogo Design
Eddy, CindiCastBessie Clary
Farmer, CameronCastShelby Carpenter
Gassaway, KellyCrewProperties
Gauthier, KimberleeCrewMakeup
Gauthier, TomCastOlsen
Gauthier, TomCrewConstruction Supervisor (Tehema Co.)
Kight, PatStaffProducer
Logan, WaltCastWaldo Lydecker
Putnam, DeborahStaffProducer
Robeson, ClayCrewSound & Lights
Robeson, PaulCrewConstruction Supervisor
Root, KarenCrewCostumes
Shedd, KevinCastDanny Dorgan
Sims, JohnCastMark Mcpherson
Trujillo, VelmaCastMrs. Dorgan
Welker, HeatherCrewProperties
Wukasch, ChrisCrewSound & Lights