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Life of the Party

Premier: 07/08/2005
End: 08/06/2005
Season: 25

Anderson, ToddCastMr. Jesse Hughes
Bishop, EvieStaffCostumes
Black, AlishaCastAmy Hughes
Braithwaite, MollyCrewStage Crew
Cullis, JoeStaffSet Design
Cullis, JoeStaffMaster Carpenter
Cullis, KayStaffArtistic Director
Goodrich, JeanCrewStage Manager
Goodrich, KatelynCastJean Hughes
Holmquist, DarrenCastWalter Lipscomb
Holmquist, DarrenCastCharles Collier
Horrock, RyanCastTommy King
Hurley, HillaryDirector 
Hurley, LyleAssistant Director 
Hurley, LyleStaffSet Design
Judge, KristaCastHope Shuttleworth
Krantz, Leigh-AnnCastMildred Hughes
Locke, RyanCastMike Tisdale
McCall, ScottCastTeddy Hughes
Michaels, ChadaeCastSally Frazier
Mims, RebekahStaffAsst. to Director
Moravec, HannahCastMildred Hughes
Pate, HeatherCastMrs. Harriet Hughes
Rawson, KateCastHope Shuttleworth
Rawson, SarahCastMaryrosalie Vogulhut
Robeson, PaulStaffProgram Cover Design
Rose, HeatherCastMaryrosalie Vogulhut
Williams, BrittanyCastRuth Coates
Williams, HeatherStaffCostumes
Williams, LeslieCastMrs. Victoria Coates
Zembower, JacobCastSnazzy Mitchell