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A Christmas Carol

Premier: 12/02/1994
End: 12/17/1994
Season: 14
# Performances: 12

Bakaleinkoff, AnneDirector 
Bakaleinkoff, AnneCrewSound Design
Haas, JohnDirector 
Haas, JohnStaffSet Design
Haas, JohnCrewLight Design
Hersey, ErynCastFred, Young Scrooge
Hersey, ErynCrewLight Design
Hersey, NickCrewSpot Operator
Kollman, JessicaCastYoung Girl, Older Cratchit Daughter
Nielsen, KenCastCollector, Marley, Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
Nielsen, TommyCrewStage Hand
Nielson, AdamCastTiny Tim
Parker, MarshaCrewCostumes
Piette, RussellCastBob Cratchit
Robinson, TahneeCastGhost of Christmas Past, Young Cratchit Daughter
SanPhillipo, LaraCastGhost of Christmas Present, Bob Cratchit's Wife
Stewart, MylesCrewLight Design
Stewart, MylesCrewLight and Sound Console
Stymus, JohnCastEbeneezer Scrooge
Thomas, JetCastNarrator