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The Butler Did It

Premier: 09/10/2004
End: 10/09/2004
Season: 24

The Butler Did It
Basial, KimCastHaversham
Basial, KimCrewSet Construction
Bishop, EvieCrewCostumes
Bredeson, JeremyCrewStained Glass
Bredeson, JeremyCrewSet Construction
Brittan, JonessaCrewLight Technician
Bukowski, ChetCrewSpandrel Master
Bukowski, ChetCrewSet Construction
Carrol, JacqueCastRita Eyelesbarrow
Carroll, JohnCastPeter Flimsey
Carroll, JohnCrewSet Construction
Cullis, JoeCastLouie Fan
Cullis, JoeCrewMaster Carpenter
Cullis, JoeCrewSet Construction
Cullis, KayCastMiss Maple
Gassaway, HunterCrewSet Construction
Gassaway, KellyCrewSet Decoration
Gassaway, KellyCrewSet Construction
Gassaway, KodyCrewSet Construction
Hurley, LyleCastFather White
Keely, KariCrewSound Technician
Lack, KeithCrewMake-Up Advisor
McClure, SharonCrewStage Manager
Moses, LeonCrewSet Construction
Peterson, LisaCastCharity Haze
Pevehouse, SheenaCrewSet Construction
Piette, TamaraCrewCostumes
Pollett, DeonCastMale Understudy
Pollett, DeonAssistant Director 
Pollett, DeonCrewSound Design
Pollett, DeonCrewSet Construction
Potter, AngieCastLaura Carlyle
Robeson, CarolCrewStage Manager
Robeson, CarolCrewSet Construction
Robeson, ClayCrewSound Design
Robeson, ClayCrewStained Glass
Robeson, ClayCrewSet Construction
Robeson, ClayCastRadio Voice (Uncredited)
Robeson, PaulDirector 
Robeson, PaulStaffSet Design
Robeson, PaulCrewProgram Cover Design
Scott, JoanCastFemale Understudy
Smith, ElayneCrewStage Manager
Thomas, JetCastRick Carlyle
Thomas, JetCrewSet Construction
Voss, JerryCastChandler Marlowe
Voss, JerryCrewSet Construction
Wells, MatthewCrewLight Design