GRP    222

May 21 to June 11

“A great show is always in fashion!” – NY

“Funny, powerful, sweet and saucy! Goes directly to the heart, soul and vanity of every woman, young and old.” – Variety

Written by Nora and Delia Ephron
Directed by Marilyn Robrahn

Love Mary

Synopsis: A series of monologues and ensembles using a rotating cast who remember events in their lives by what they wore.


 Tammy Jones               #1

Kris Dickey                    #2

Samantha Fork             #3

Kaxia Wilkens               #4

Nadia Elwood               #5

Malorie Glavan            #6

 Jessica Mann                #7

Brenda Sinclair             Clothesline #1

Brandon Nascimento            Clothesline #3

Guest Performers

May 22 Sandy Waldkirich Business Woman
May 27 Susan Daugherty Riverfront Alumni
May 29 Nicole Lightfoot One Safe Place
June 3 Melissa Fanoe Public Defenders Office
June 4 Ronda Ball Enjoy Magazine
June 5 Doni Chamberlain Local Writer,
June 10 Danna Swannanberg Riverfront Alumni


arpee05The ARPEE Awards Ceremony took place in The Atrium at the Market Street Promenade on Sunday, April 24th.  Hosts for the festivities were Darryll Alvey and Bob Koroluck.  Shows honored were:  Harvey, The Grapes of Wrath, Barefoot In the Park, The Gin Game, Bus Stop and A Dickens’ Christmas Carol, A Traveling Travesty In Two Tumultuous Acts.


  • Best Young Actress:  Carly Sinclair, The Grapes of Wrath
  • Best Young Actor:  Reece Resendez, The Grapes of Wrath
  • Best Supporting Actress:  Kathryn  Kirk, Barefoot In the Park
  • Best Supporting Actor:  Ragan Ragan, Barefoot In the Park
  • Best Actress:  Erin Sullivan, Barefoot In the Park
  • Best Actor:  Bob Koroluck, The Gin Game
  • Best Director:  Samantha Fork, The Grapes of Wrath
  • Best Play:  Barefoot In the Park
  • People’s Choice of Best Play:  Barefoot In the Park
  • Special Recognition:  Dan Kupsky
  • Kornfield Community Service Award:  Jon Lewis

Thank you to the directors, actors, tech/stage crew, set builders, costumers, and volunteers……without you we would not have a community theatre.