2017 Summer Adult & Student Workshops

With Internationally acclaimed playwright, musician, and producer

Michael Gilboe

New York City, & The University of Great Falls, MT

Michael Gilboe Headshot

Acting  –    Improv  –   Play Production

Staging   –    Character Development

 June 5, 2017 thru June 17, 2017

This Saturday…..Directing Workshop $50.00


Darryll Alvey, Michael Gilboe and Lisa Collins



I had a great time at the actors workshop at Riverfront Playhouse  with Michael  Gilboe. I learned several new techniques for ‘spotting’ opportunities for best performance style. Looking forward to next Saturday and the Director’s workshop. Thank you Michael.

Two Plays For the Price of One……


Production runs July 7 to August 5



A drama by Denise Derk

Directed by Michael Gilboe and Denise Derk

For some teens, college is a given. For others, it is a nearly unobtainable dream, but possibly within their grasp if they can outplay and outshine all the others on the gridiron. Two teen boys struggle to decide how far they will go to make their athletic ambitions a reality in this gripping play that explores the pressures on today’s young athletes to win at all costs. It combines a coming of age story for life-long best friends with intrigue and subterfuge by the town leaders to bring glory once again to their fading town. An honest look at the game that rules Friday nights in countless communities across America.

2 act 2

NONE OF THE ABOVE  by Jenny Lyn Bader (comedy)

Directed by Jennifer Levens

Synopsis: A high school girl answers her upper east side apartment door expecting to see her drug dealer. It is her SAT tutor instead.


2 Act


Charley's Aunt 2

Production runs:  May 13 to June 10

The Story:  Charley’s Aunt is set in Oxford, England in the 1890s. Two young men have fallen in love with Amy and Kitty! One young man, Charley, wants his benefactor’s approval. His aunt, whom he’s never met, is coming to visit for lunch. They invite the girls to tea! The aunt cancels, so they rope their friend into playing the aunt! Hilarity ensues!!!


Cast Charley



Charley- Grayden
Jack- Tristan Ford
Lord Fancourt- Gavin Thompson
Amy- Marissa Cozens
Kitty- Amanda Streetman
Brassett- Ronald Seese
Sir Francis- Ragan
Mr. Spettigue- David Cutler
Donna Lucia- Linda Ragan
Ela Delahay- Erin O’Hanlan


Charley’s Aunt Set Building

Lurking beneath the stage at Riverfront is a second stage with revolving center that was revealed this weekend and will be used for the upcoming production of Charley’s Aunt.  Ben Van Sickle, Joe Cullis, Tom Taylor, Milt Clark and Mike Tuggle are seen here bringing the old stage to light.  It was last seen and used 10 years ago for The Complete History of America (Abridged) and will be accompanying us to our new theatre at 1950 California street.