The Picture that was Turned to the Wall

The Picture that was Turned to the Wall
(or She May Have Seen Better Days)

Written by Tim Kelly

Directed by Angie Potter

In this gay 90s melodrama, Jubilee, sweet and naive daughter of Mother and Father Tubbs falls for an actor, Little Billy Tapshoes and marries him behind their back. She is banished from the house and her father turns her picture to the wall – she no longer exists as his daughter. A year later she returns as a widow with a baby. The combination hotel / post office her parents own is a dying business in a drying up town. Enter our villian, Rudolph Von Doberman, with a secret and a plan to take over the hotel. And the laughs begin. Von Doberman is accompanied by his footman, Rags and his social secretary, Diamond Tooth Polly. Fred, our hero, promises Jubilee and her parents that he will come up with the money to save the hotel with the help of Dizzy Esther.


Appropriate for all audiences.

January 16th thru February 14th, 2004