Thank you Patti & Rick Bosetti for partnering with us for our fundraiser at the ballpark which brought in $410 for our Capital Campaign!

Riverfront Playhouse is selling tickets for a Colt 45’s game on Thursday July 27th. Gates open at 6:30 at Tiger field.  Tickets will be printed with the July 27th date BUT are good for any night. If you can’t attend the 27th of July, they can be used on another date.  Tickets are $5 and part of the proceeds benefit Riverfront Playhouse no matter what date you attend a game.  Tickets are available at The Enjoy Store on Placer or contact Barbara Harrison at (530) 524-0223

Come join Riverfront on July 27th and support our home team or go on another night.  

Colt 45’s Website


Faces 2

Shasta County History comes to life! In October of last year the Riverfront Playhouse partnered with the Shasta Historical Society in a presentation at the Cascade Theatre called “Faces Of Shasta County.” This show brought to life many wonderful characters of Shasta County history using actors from Riverfront Playhouse of Redding, CA as well as authentic photo’s.

Major Pierson Reading, Chauncey Bush, Black Bart, Mae Helene Bacon Boggs, and Judge Richard Eaton were just some of the characters brought to life. This presentation is now available on DVD for $20.00 at Enjoy the Store in Redding, and would be a great way to learn about some of the history of our area. Proceeds from the sale will benefit Riverfront’s Capital Campaign, which is raising money to get our new theatre in downtown Redding open by this fall. Get yours today!