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Quiet Summer

8/1/1997 to 8/23/1997
Season 17
10 performances.
521 seats sold during the run.


Jet Thomas

— CAST —

Betsy Harrison

Lindsay Wisdom
Bill Henley

Matt Broussard

Loranna Esposito
Clifford Young

Jim Potter
Esher Hamilton

Laura Haagenson
Frances Shaughnessy

Mary Guiterrez
Fredericka Collins

Cynthia Spencer
Harriet Morga

Melodie Bowmar
Helen Russell

Angie Potter
Henry Morgan

Joe Spencer
James Clark

Dan Cotreau
Jeanie Day

Lori Esposito
Leslie Gardner

Travis Lyon
Lillian Young

Samantha Fork
Pamela Young

Kelly Thomas
Sonny Young

Aaron Steinmetz

Jet Thomas
Tubby Pitts

Jared Rogerson

Joanna Studer