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It’s A Wonderful Life

11/20/1998 to 12/19/1998
Season 18
20 performances.
1800 seats sold during the run.

— CAST —

Aunt Tilly

Maggie Dehart

Susan Ward
Clarence Odbody

Russell Piette

Danny Perry
George Bailey

Glenn Barrett
Harry Bailey

David Marshal
Janie Bailey/Papergirl

Molly Barnes
Ma Bailey

Marilou Murphy
Mary Hatch

Staci Epperson
Miss Andrews & Carter

Gretta Dare
Miss Carter

Michelle Longee
Mr. Gower

Richard Cramer
Mr. Martini

Dennis Ambriz
Mr. Potter

Dean Williams
Mr. Welch & Goon

Bob Adamson
Mrs. Martini

Renee Perry
Mrs. Thompson

Xina Frownfelter
Pete Bailey/paperboy

Jaxon Perry
Tommy Bailey/paperboy

Daniel Frownfelter
Tommy Bailey/paperboy

Christian Perry
Uncle Billy

George Kleis
Violet Peterson

Samantha Fork
Young George

Tyler Barnes
Young George

Anthony Knighton
Young George

Casey Leonard
Zuzu Bailey

Katie Epperson
Zuzu Bailey

Marcy Giovaniello