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Samantha Fork

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A Streetcar Named Desire (9/19) Director
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (7/17) Director
Curious Savage (7/16) Assistant Director
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (5/3/) SET DESIGN
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (5/3/) TECH BOOTH
Don (5/17) ART DESIGN
Doubt, A Parable (3/15) COSTUMES
Doubt, A Parable (3/15) LIGHT DESIGN
Doubt, A Parable (3/15) SET DESIGN
Dixie Swim Club (7/12) SET DESIGN

— CAST —

Butterfingers Angel (11/1) Sheep
() Judge Fleesum
The Homecoming (12/4) Mary Spencer
A Bad Day at Gopher’s Breath (4/14) Tuesday
Dad’s Christmas Miracle (12/3) pre-show music
Face on Barroom Floor (7/29) JUDGE FLEESUM
Death Takes a Holiday (1/13) Cora
The Outsiders (7/14) Marcia & voices
Sunshine Boys (3/1/) STAGE MANAGER
Shadowlands (4/19) Registrar/Nurse
You Can’t Take it With You (4/11) Gay
Road to Mecca (2/14) Elsa Barlow
Quiet Summer (8/1/) Lillian Young
It’s A Wonderful Life (11/2) Violet Peterson
Curious Savage (7/16) Florence
Emma’s Child (1/1/) Mary Jo
Women of Lockerbie (8/16) OLIVE ALLISON
Grapes of Wrath (3/14) ELIZABETH SANDRY

— CREW —

Sunshine Boys (3/1/) PROPS
Curious Savage (7/16) Props and Set Dressing
A Dickens Christmas Carol (1/1/) STAGE CREW
Misery (9/12) Stage Manager
Doubt, A Parable (3/15) DIRECTOR
Grapes of Wrath (3/14) DIRECTOR


16th Annual ARPEE Awards (0000) The Kornfield Award
16th Annual ARPEE Awards (0000) Best DirectorA Streetcar Named Desire
18th Annual ARPEE Awards (0000) Best Backstage CrewA Dickensí Christmas Carol
18th Annual ARPEE Awards (0000) Best Props/Set DressingThe Curious Savage