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Charley's Aunt 2

Production runs:  May 13 to June 10

The Story:  Charley’s Aunt is set in Oxford, England in the 1890s. Two young men have fallen in love with Amy and Kitty! One young man, Charley, wants his benefactor’s approval. His aunt, whom he’s never met, is coming to visit for lunch. They invite the girls to tea! The aunt cancels, so they rope their friend into playing the aunt! Hilarity ensues!!!


Cast Charley



Charley- Grayden
Jack- Tristan Ford
Lord Fancourt- Gavin Thompson
Amy- Marissa Cozens
Kitty- Amanda Streetman
Brassett- Ronald Seese
Sir Francis- Ragan
Mr. Spettigue- David Cutler
Donna Lucia- Linda Ragan
Ela Delahay- Erin O’Hanlan